CPF Housing Grant

Am I entitle to get CPF Housing Grant when I apply and book an unit of Executive Condo (EC)?

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First Timer Applicant

 Household Average Gross Monthly Income(SC/SC)

$10,000 and below – Max upto $30,000

$10,001 to $11,000 – $20,000

$11,001 to $12,000 – $10,000


Half-Housing Grant

If you are a first-timer (FT) SC and your co-applicant is a second-timer (ST) who has previously taken 1 housing subsidy, i.e. FT/ ST couple


Household Average Gross Monthly Income (SC/SPR)

$10,000 and below – Max upto $20,000 to SC Applicant

$10,001 to $11,000 – $10,000 to SC Applicant

$11,001 to $12,000 – $0 to SC Applicant

Citizen Top-Up (for SC/ SPR households)

You can apply for the Citizen Top-Up of $10,000 when a qualifying member of your SC/ SPR household obtains Singapore citizenship. You need to submit your application to HDB within 6 months of being eligible for it.


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